[Tinyos-help] Surge via Deluge

Gary Yee gary.yee at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 14:37:15 PST 2005


I am trying to run the Surge application by installing it via Deluge,
but things do not seem to be working out.  I'm using tinyos-1.1.11 in

I am using about four mica2s with the radio set at 916MHz and I've
tried following the instructions in deluge-manual.pdf.  To recap what
I've done:

0) Added the component 'DelugeC' to Surge.nc and wired Main.StdControl to it.
1) ran 'make mica2' under Surge directory
2) ran 'make mica2 install,<id>' for the GoldenImage of deluge
3) ran 'java net.tinyos.tools.Deluge --ping', which was successful
4) ran 'java net.tinyos.tools.Deluge --inject --ihexfile
build/mica2/main.ihex --imgnum 0' in the Surge directory, which
5) ran 'java net.tinyos.tools.Deluge --ping', to confirm that all
pages were complete
6) ran 'java net.tinyos.tools.Deluge --reboot --imgnum 0'
7) placed the node with id 0 on the programming board
8) ran 'java net.tinyos.surge.MainClass 125'

None of the nodes are recognized by this program - nor is
SerialForwarder recognizing any packets sent over the UART.  Yet this
all works fine if I install surge using 'make mica2 install,<id>'.

What am I doing wrong?


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