[Tinyos-help] newbie

lagar at ya.com lagar at ya.com
Mon Mar 21 08:15:01 PST 2005


first of all, i have to say that its hard for me to speak
English, so
I'm sorry if you can't understand me. 

I have installed tinyos right now, and i can compile apps
typing make
pc. But if i run toscheck it says:

--> WARNING: The graphviz (dot) version found by toscheck is
not 1.10.
Please update your graphviz version if you'd like to use the
documentation generator.
--> WARNING: The avr-as version found by toscheck is not Please
update your avr-as version by updating your avr-binutils
WARNING: The avr-gdb version found by toscheck is not
Please update your avr-gdb version.--> WARNING: msp430-gcc not
Won't be able to compile to any msp430 platforms (telos).

Furthermore, i can't compile java tools, it is full of errors.
I use
Ubuntu (Debian based). Do u think those error are because of this?

Can anyone help me?? Please!! :)

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