[Tinyos-help] Tof Ranging

MANJUNATH manjunath at ece.iisc.ernet.in
Sun Mar 20 11:39:00 PST 2005

Dear All,

	I am going through (MicaHighSpeedRadioM.nc) Mica RadioStack
	enabled with toneTimestamping to support TofRanging, Following is my

	1. As soon as a Radio Packet is received, it is timestamped and
	MicInterrupt.enable() is called.

	2. When Mic interrupts CPU, event "MicInterrupt.toneDetected" is
	   signalled, and corresponding event handler contains the code
	   to time stamp the received packet with tonetimestamp...

	But what is happening is irrespective of whether tone is received
	or not, always MicInterrupt.toneDetected is being signalled....

	My understanding is Mic interrupts the CPU when ever it receives
	tone or noise Since some noise is always present,
	"MicInterrupt.toneDetected" is being signalled always..(.i.e. as soon as

	Now I need to signal MicInterrupt.toneDetected only when a tone is
	heard.....How can I proceed....I tried Mic.readToneDetector(); but
	always I see return value zero eventhough many other nodes are
	whistling using buzzer..

Thanking You,

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