[Tinyos-help] MTS101 and xlisten

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Assuming your using the application XSensorMTS101 or XMTS101 you could use
the following xlisten command (in your Cygwin window).


    xlisten -r -p -c


to display on-screen the raw (-r), parsed (-p), and converted to engineering
units (-c) values coming from the MTS101 sensor board (aka, basicsb).


Alternatively, you can use MOTE-VIEW 1.0 which was released this week and
available on the Crossbow website. It can be found under Support > Software
Downloads. Then look for heading "MOTE-VIEW 1.0 (New)." The download links
are below that heading.






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Good morning, 

        For the MTS101 board, how to I get xlisten to print out the values
of the ACD(1-4) connections for external sensors?

        Thank you for you time. 


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