[Tinyos-help] Surge_Reliable message format

Thorsten Frunzke th.frunzke at gmx.de
Thu Mar 17 08:44:47 PST 2005


This is the general structure of a Surge packet:

So the beginning of the TOS_Msg data payload field is the first variable 
of the MultiHopMsg struct and  the first byte of the MultiHopMsg data 
payload is the first variable of the SurgeMsg struct. You can find the 
exact structures here:

TOS_Msg : /opt/tinyos-1.x/tos/types/AM.h
MultiHop_Msg : /opt/tinyos-1.x/tos/lib/Route/MultiHop.h
Surge_Msg : /opt/tinyos-1.x/contrib/xbow/apps/Surge_Reliable/Surge.h

All the conversion equations can be found in 
/contrib/xbow/apps/src/xlisten/xconvert.c and some sensor specific 
equations in /contrib/xbow/apps/src/xlisten/boards/<sensorboard_xy>.c 
-Maybe you need to download the latest version from here: 

There are also text versions of the equations for each sensor in these 

best regards


Libor Roubal schrieb:

>Hi all,
>is there some description of packet coming from Surge_Reliable application from Crossbow "contrib" directory available? I would like to process these data myself and I need to know the meaning of each byte of data. 
>I already know the positions of Light and Battery voltage values, but how about the rest?
>Are there also other conversion equations for sensor board MTS310 with magnetometer, accelerometer etc. available? 
>Thanks in advance.
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