[Tinyos-help] HW Production and manufacturing

res008ef res008ef at verizon.net
Fri Mar 18 00:31:16 PST 2005

That's cool. Their website says there's a 24 hour turn around from receipt
of the kit. Purchasing raw materials for the kit is another step. I thought
that a shop already building similar devices and would already have the
necessary parts in their pipeline.

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I haven't used them personally, but they give quotes on the web from the
number of parts/qty needed.


Of course, there is still a hw test function to verify its working at the
end of assembly.

I'd be interested in what else anybody finds on this.


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Subject: [Tinyos-devel] HW Production and manufacturing

Can anybody suggest a production house to purchase parts and produce
customized mote boards similar to a Mica2 or Telos? I’m aware that Xbow
sells Mica variants and Moteiv sells Telos, but my quantities, starting out,
are too small for them to customize a board.
-Nick Nichols

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