[Tinyos-help] where is the bug?

Razvan Musaloiu-E. razvanm at cs.jhu.edu
Thu Mar 17 12:08:08 PST 2005


On Wed, 16 Mar 2005, Razvan Musaloiu-E. wrote:

> Hi!
> In lesson 4 from tutorial there is this exercise:
>   Program one mote with CntToLedsAndRfm and another with RfmToLeds. When
>   you turn on CntToLedsAndRfm, you should see the count displayed on the
>   RfmToLeds device.
> I attached two programs that implements this in TOSSIM. The first one,
> prog1, directly starts the required components while prog2 uses
> CntToLedsAndRfm and RfmToLeds. The first one doesn't work properly but the
> second does. Could someone explain why? :-)
> A quick way to see that something doesn't work as it should is this:
> 	./main.exe -b=0 -t=10 2 > log2
> and then look for "messages" in log2. In the output for prog1 you'll see
> that both motes sends data (which is incorrect). prog2 works correct.
> Note: I'm running nesC version 1.2alpha3 and TinyOS 1.1.10.

I also tried with nesC version 1.1.3 and TinyOS 1.1.11 and I got the same

Razvan ME

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