[Tinyos-help] Programming xbow motes.

mala rangarajan maalaa at gmail.com
Thu Mar 17 02:58:53 PST 2005


How do I program a mica2 mote?  I connected my mote to the MIB510
board and tried to program through serial port, using the following
command, which gave me Error2, "Device is not responding correctly". 
What does this mean?

$ make mica2 install mib510,com1
mkdir -p build/mica2
    compiling CntToLeds to a mica2 binary
ncc -o build/mica2/main.exe -Os -I%T/lib/Counters -finline-limit=100000 -I%T/lib
/Deluge -I%T/lib/Deluge/TOSBoot/include -Wall -Wshadow -DDEF_TOS_AM_GROUP=0x7d -
Wnesc-all -target=mica2 -fnesc-cfile=build/mica2/app.c -board=micasb -DIDENT_PRO
GRAM_NAME="CntToLeds" -DIDENT_PROGRAM_NAME_BYTES="67,110,116,84,111,76,101,100,1
15,0" -DIDENT_USER_HASH=0xc465c56fL -DIDENT_UNIX_TIME=0x4239592dL CntToLeds.nc -
    compiled CntToLeds to build/mica2/main.exe
            1798 bytes in ROM
              50 bytes in RAM
avr-objcopy --output-target=srec build/mica2/main.exe build/mica2/main.srec
avr-objcopy --output-target=ihex build/mica2/main.exe build/mica2/main.ihex
cp build/mica2/main.srec build/mica2/main.srec.out
    installing mica2 binary using mib510
uisp -dprog=mib510 -dserial=com1 --wr_fuse_h=0xd8 -dpart=ATmega128 --wr_fuse_e=f
f  --erase --upload if=build/mica2/main.srec.out
Device is not responding correctly.
make: *** [program] Error 2

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