[Tinyos-help] help in setting clock scale

kiruthika devi kdevi18 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 16 22:49:58 PST 2005

hi to all,
in clock.nc interface these lines were given,and it is specified it is only for ATMEL128L

 Clock scale = * 0 - off  

* 1 - 32768 ticks/second 

* 2 - 4096 ticks/second etc..

in clock.h this 

is included --------interval scale result

* TOS_I1000PS                  TOS_S1000PS                      1000 ticks/sec

* TOS_I100PS                     TOS_S100PS                      100 ticks/sec

what should be the calculations  for msp430 to include in respective interfaces...






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