[Tinyos-help] where is the bug?

Razvan Musaloiu-E. razvanm at cs.jhu.edu
Wed Mar 16 17:18:00 PST 2005


In lesson 4 from tutorial there is this exercise:
  Program one mote with CntToLedsAndRfm and another with RfmToLeds. When
  you turn on CntToLedsAndRfm, you should see the count displayed on the
  RfmToLeds device.

I attached two programs that implements this in TOSSIM. The first one,
prog1, directly starts the required components while prog2 uses
CntToLedsAndRfm and RfmToLeds. The first one doesn't work properly but the
second does. Could someone explain why? :-)

A quick way to see that something doesn't work as it should is this:
	./main.exe -b=0 -t=10 2 > log2
and then look for "messages" in log2. In the output for prog1 you'll see
that both motes sends data (which is incorrect). prog2 works correct.

Note: I'm running nesC version 1.2alpha3 and TinyOS 1.1.10.

Happy cracking! :-)

Razvan ME
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