[Tinyos-help] A little confusing behaviour with CC1000Control.BIASOff() and CC1000Control.BIASOn()

jan at mobnets.rwth-aachen.de jan at mobnets.rwth-aachen.de
Tue Mar 15 11:43:34 PST 2005

Hi !
I am trying to save radio power consumption in Mica2 devices. I am calling the 
CC1000Control.BIASOff() and CC1000Control.BIASOn() functions repeatedly in a 
Timer. Whats confusing me is that the timer is slowed down when I call these 
functions. There is a delay of 200us in restoring the power but the timer repetition 
time is quite large.(The BiasOn function is followed by CC1000Control.RxMode() 
function). On the other hand when I use 'SetRFPower' function of the same interface 
there is no strange/wierd behaviour. Any ideas?

M. Junaid Ansari
Department of Wireless Networks
Aachen University of Technology

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