[Tinyos-help] Time syncronization between motes

Rafael Aranha rafael.aranha at tagus.ist.utl.pt
Mon Mar 14 10:30:18 PST 2005


Thank you for your reply. I had already looked in Time_Sync. The problem 
is 1msec corresponds to 34cm error in sound Time of Flight, but the 
results presented by both programs have very small errors.

I'm trying to implement also with ultrasound a range testbed, but I'm 
unable to get the motes syncronized. I've only tried with two.

Rafael Aranha

jsuh at xbow.com wrote:

>It is possible to synchronize many Motes in time. As one example, the
>application Surge_Time_Sync (found under tinyos-1.x/contrib/xbow/apps/) can
>time synchronize a network of MICA2 and MICA2DOT Motes to within 1 msec.
>How is Crossbow doing? Would you please see our Customer Satisfaction form
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>Subject: [Tinyos-help] Time syncronization between motes
>Is it possible to syncronize in time two or more motes?
>I've looked both in calamari and vu AcousticLocalization projects but it
>seems for that purpose they send a radio beacon message before transmiting
>the sound.
>Does this give good syncronization? Isn't there a random delay in the MAC
>and Physical layers, in both motes, or can it be determined?
>Thank You,
>Rafael Aranha
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