[Tinyos-help] Test Deluge in Telos Rev. B

Pablo Mazzara mazzara at fing.edu.uy
Mon Mar 14 05:53:54 PST 2005


I apologize, it was my fault, reboot is OK. Rebooting we lost the 
control over the nodes. Is there a standard form to include Deluge in 
our application?


jwhui at EECS.Berkeley.EDU wrote:

>For the reboot problem, it would be helpful if you could provide some more information:
>1) What command are you typing to reboot the nodes?
>2) What is the output on the screen that you are getting?
>3) Does the blue led turn on when you issue the reboot command?
>All information for each image is stored on the external flash. TOSBoot uses the internal flash to essentially pass parameters between reboots (e.g. TOS_LOCAL_ADDRESS, TOS_GROUP_ADDR, which image to boot from, where the image is located, etc.).

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