[Tinyos-help] Get Ambient Humidity and Temperature from SurgeTelos

dragonrn dragonrn at 163.com
Mon Mar 14 01:58:59 PST 2005

Dear All:
 Both Oscilloscope and SurgeTelos work well on my Telosb and now I want to get the humidity and temperature sensor data from SurgeTelos.As the previous mails mentioned, I modified something in SurgeTelos, comparing to Oscilloscope in contrib/moteiv/:SurgeM.HumidityControl -> HumidityC; then in SurgeM.nc:interface SplitControl as HumidityControl;And add some codes just like OscilloscopeM.nc call HumidityControl.init(); in StdControl.init()

call HumidityControl.start();in StdControl.start()

call HumidityControl.stop();in StdControl.stop()


event result_t HumidityControl.initDone() { return SUCCESS;}

event result_t HumidityControl.startDone() { return SUCCESS; }event result_t HumidityControl.stopDone() { return SUCCESS; } I didn’t add any code in the above three events in order to see if I can also get the original DemoSensor readings.It can be compiled into the telosb node, but I can’t get any sensor readings.When I use Chipcon’s packet sniffer, it received one corrupted message after every several seconds.It seems like that it could run to ADC.dataready, and Senddone, but why they can’t run correctly?I wonder what’s wrong with the implementation.Any suggestion is appreciatedThanks in advance.Regards,Liang
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