[Tinyos-help] interface mica2dot

Syung Youn Nam snam at cs.brown.edu
Sat Mar 12 16:07:41 PST 2005

Hi, I am used to programming with just mica, and now I am going over

tutorial with mica2dot. Since mica2dot has only one led on in, do I need

to use different Leds interface? I am testing SimpleCmd app on mica2dot

now. But it seems not responding correctly. It turns on its red led and

just stays on, even if I send a packet to turn it off. Should I get rid of

all the call that turns on leds other than red in the SimpleCmdM.nc?

How do I know which interface belongs to which types of mica? Is there a

documentation about this?  Cas some one help?



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