[Tinyos-help] uploading class files to motes

Vlasios Tsiatsis tsiatsis at ee.ucla.edu
Fri Mar 11 12:19:32 PST 2005

Why do you need the java class files on the motes ?
If you can run a Java Virtual machine it may make sense although due to
RAM limitations you may not be able to port the JVM.
If you only need the raw bytes of the java class file (i don't know for
waht reason) just convert the binary file into a static C array and
declare it in one of your TinyOS programs.


On Fri, 11 Mar 2005, Sayed Ahmed wrote:

> Hi,
> May anyone please tell is there anyway to upload java class files to motes(Mica2/Mica2z). If there is a way, is there any special way to write the java program?
> Thanks
> Sayed
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