[Tinyos-help] Test Deluge in Telos Rev. B

jwhui at EECS.Berkeley.EDU jwhui at EECS.Berkeley.EDU
Wed Mar 9 08:19:15 PST 2005

The warning from the CC2420 stack is normal and expected.

A node with an app with Deluge compiled in is sufficient for propagating to other Deluge nodes.

Try updating your tinyos tree with 'cvs update'. Some bug fixes have been committed recently. Also, you should be using 'GoldenImage.nc' not 'GoldenImageWriter.nc'.

Jonathan W. Hui
jwhui at cs.berkeley.edu

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From: Pablo Mazzara <mazzara at fing.edu.uy>
Date: Wednesday, March 9, 2005 8:57 am
Subject: [Tinyos-help] Test Deluge in Telos Rev. B

> Hi,
> Following the instuctions, compiled GoldenImageWriter in: 
> tinyos-1.x/beta/Deluge/TestDeluge/GoldenImage/   OK with a warning:
> C:/UCB/cygwin/opt/tinyos-
> 1.x/tos/lib/CC2420Radio/CC2420RadioM.nc:115: 
> warning: `
> Send.sendDone' called asynchronously from `sendFailed'.
> Then copied tinyos-1.x/beta/Deluge/delugetools/* to 
> tinyos-1.x/tools/java/net/tinyos/deluge and then type make in that 
> directory  then we use java net.tinyos.deluge.Deluge  (after 
> lunching 
> the SerialForwarder).
> But the question is: ¿What is the application that has to be be 
> installed in the Base Mote (the mote that is connected to the PC)?
> We tried with two motes that have the same GoldenImageWriter 
> installed 
> with different numbers but they didn´t communicate.
> When we tried to inset the Blink application, the packets goes to 
> the 
> first node but never finish the sending and the packets never rich 
> the 
> second node.
> Thanks,
> Pablo.
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