[Tinyos-help] Bad Signal Strength and Destinaton address question

Vlasios Tsiatsis tsiatsis at ee.ucla.edu
Mon Mar 7 14:03:29 PST 2005

You can always define your own packet format encapsulated in the
TOS_Msg->data with a 'recipient list' and
filter at the application level receive function. Or better define a
multicast group id and make the two nodes join this multicast group
by again checking a field in your own packet.


On Mon, 7 Mar 2005, Lin Gu wrote:

> >
> > 2) Is there any way I can send data from one mote to only two motes?. I mean can I define TOS_BCAST_ADDR a set of two or more motes?
> > If I chose a seperate GROUP ID for three motes communication then can I assign one mote with two or more GROUP IDs so that one can communicate with other sub-networks?.
> >
> Since you are using Mica2 mote, I assume you are using
> Chipcon CC1000 radio transceiver. The wireless signal
> reaches all nodes who  can physically receive the radio
> signal. After receiving the complete packet, addressing
> is handled in AMStandard.nc. Hence, the most straightforward
> way is for you to modify AMStandard.nc to accommodate
> the multicast addressing mode you like. You may want
> to take a look at the received() function in the file.
> I am not aware of implementation of multicast protocols
> that support the addressing requirement you described.
> But maybe they exist, in which situation you may be
> able to use it without having to modify system modules.
> Good luck!
> lin
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