[Tinyos-help] Bad Signal Strength and Destinaton address question

Lin Gu lingu at cs.virginia.edu
Mon Mar 7 13:56:02 PST 2005

> 2) Is there any way I can send data from one mote to only two motes?. I mean can I define TOS_BCAST_ADDR a set of two or more motes? 
> If I chose a seperate GROUP ID for three motes communication then can I assign one mote with two or more GROUP IDs so that one can communicate with other sub-networks?.

Since you are using Mica2 mote, I assume you are using
Chipcon CC1000 radio transceiver. The wireless signal
reaches all nodes who  can physically receive the radio
signal. After receiving the complete packet, addressing 
is handled in AMStandard.nc. Hence, the most straightforward
way is for you to modify AMStandard.nc to accommodate
the multicast addressing mode you like. You may want
to take a look at the received() function in the file.

I am not aware of implementation of multicast protocols
that support the addressing requirement you described.
But maybe they exist, in which situation you may be
able to use it without having to modify system modules.

Good luck!

Lin Gu
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University of Virginia
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