[Tinyos-help] help in windows installation

aredfern aredfern at uclink.berkeley.edu
Sun Mar 6 23:46:58 PST 2005

Hi Ashok,

You should have files in the flowing location:
>From there you should be able to find what you need.  I believe this is also 
FAQ page of the tinyos site.  You may want to take a look at that page for a 
useful starting out reference.

>===== Original Message From ashok sahu <ashok_sahu14 at yahoo.com> =====
> I tried to install TinyOS  1.1.0 for windows from the download page through 
the installation wizard choosing the default options but as mentioned in the 
testing steps I don't even see the directory
>/opt/tinyos-1.x/tools/scripts/ and toscheck script in my windows 
installation. I installed tinyos inside a directory named C:\tinyos and only 
things I can see in this folder is java, cygwin and one more folder.
>Could anybody please suggest what might be worng
>Thanks in advance,
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