[Tinyos-help] SOWN Demo on XSM Motes, any experience?

Mike Tiberio mtiberio at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 11:43:34 PST 2005

I am attempting to stand up the VigilNet Demo on a small number of
Crossbow XSM600CA motes in my office (and hallway near by). I can
program the Motes with the base and non-base xsm SOWN images, and I
can also stand up the Java GUI. Using the default (as delivered from
source forge) settings, the base mote never seems to find any other
motes and/or the GUI only reports Mote 0. Now while its possible the
GUI is plotting all 4 mote icons on top of one another, I doubt it.

Is there anyone out there that has played with this demo, and that can
offer some tips?

Mike Tiberio
Division Scientist

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