[Tinyos-help] porting tinyos on new 32bit MCU

santosh dwivedi santosh at iiita.ac.in
Thu Mar 3 01:20:22 PST 2005

Hi Group,

I want to port TinyOS on 32 bit TMS470 MCU or TMS320F28XX

I know that it will involve writing platform specific code. But the first
i need is a working make system for new platform.. although the ".. ..
/platform/newplatform/" is empty yet ;-).. And for it I need a C compiler
for TMS470/TMS320F28xx. TI provides windows based C compiler for them. But
I am not sure about a gcc port. Is one available? Can I use the windows
based compiler? Also what sort of changes I need to do in make system for
supporting my new platform. I use cygwin this time.

Santosh dwivedi

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