[Tinyos-help] Fwd: how long does tosh_sleep() sleep?

Ice Lion icelion at gmail.com
Wed Mar 2 14:59:56 PST 2005

Sorry for re-post but I did the following:
In sched.c, I put two DBG() before  and after calling tosh_sleep(), to
output the system time: tos_state.tos_time. But I found the two
tos_state.tos_time that I output before calling and after calling
tosh_sleep()  are exactly same!!
Deso it mean tosh_sleep() does not sleep at all?

below is the implementation of tosh_sleep() in avrhardware.h: 

About tosh_sleep() 
void TOSH_sleep()
   //sbi(MCUCR, 5);
 sbi(MCUCR, SE);
 asm volatile ("sleep");

but I can't find the declaration of "SE".

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