[Tinyos-help] Telos rev.B RF throughput?

ÍõÔƲ© ybwang at ustc.edu
Wed Mar 2 05:33:15 PST 2005


In order to get an idea about the RF throughput of Telos B,
I had taken an experiment, which shows that with only 2 motes,
one acted as transmitter and the other acted as receiver, the
transmitter could only have a throughput of about 140 packets
per sec, far less than 250kbps announced by 802.15.4. While
with 2 transmitters, the receiver could receive about 180 pkts
per sec. So I think the figure of 140 is not from phisical
limitations but from some software settings.

Dose anyone have an idea about this? How many exactly packets
per sec can we get?

Thanks in advance,

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